Our optimised-weight level and bottling plant has been selected by the jury of the Innovation Challenge “Lucio Mastrobernardino”. A confirmation of the Group’s know-how and its commitment in Research & Development.

The latest Gruppo Bertolaso Spa innovation, winner of SIMEI NEW TECHNOLOGY AWARD, is an application allowing bottlers to fill the correct amount of product in each bottle produced. The innovation is compatible with all level-filling technology machines.

This solution accurately measures the content of each filled bottle relying on the high-level automation and embedded control logic system of Bertolaso monoblocks. Based on the data collected, the filler automatically adjusts the filling level optimizing the amount of product dispensed while verifying the actual liquid volume delivered to each bottle.

With this innovation, Bertolaso makes available an ultimate automated answer to the bottlers’ need of respecting the current regulations regarding the volume of bottled product.