Rizzotto: excellent bottling

“Spumanti Rizzotto” located in Soave, in the Veneto region, is a historical reality which has been involved in making sparkling wine for third parties for 70 years. It was founded by the father Cirillo and expanded by Dr. Guido, who in the meantime became an oenologist at the Conegliano school and is today supported by…

Cantine Pirovano: When flexibility becomes a must

Due to the increase in the export of its products to many different countries Cantine Pirovano needs to make frequent format changes. The two new complete and automatic bottling lines manufactured by Bertolaso, thanks to their versatility, are suitable to meet this need by considerably simplifying the whole process.   Cantine Pirovano refines and bottles…

Cantina di Soave

Cantina di Soave: a bottling system built for growing.

Cantina di Soave was entrusted to Bertolaso for enlarging and updating the production facility.

Bosco Malera: passion and innovation

To renew the bottling line the Bosco Malera winery based in Treviso (Italy) have chosen Bertolaso pressure machines.

bosco viticultori
Santa Margherita

Santa Margherita: still and sparkling wines

“Bertolaso is for us a historical partner as well as one of the most important manufacturers of bottling machines worldwide.”

Santero: in the land of sparkling wine

In the Alta Langa, with a fully automated filling machine with 100 filling valves Bertolaso has successfully overcome a difficult challenge in the “land of sparkling wine”.


Cavit: an excellent partnership

The enriching exchange of knowledge with the Italian winery gave us the opportunity to install an extraordinary flexible line that alternates products fermented in autoclave with products bound to be fermented in the bottle.

Nosio / Mezzacorona Group: a revolutionary project

“Bertolaso’s innovative solution has revolutionized not only the design of fill valves, but also the concept of the machine.”