To renew the bottling line the Bosco Malera winery based in Treviso (Italy) have chosen Bertolaso pressure machines.

The machine supplied by Bertolaso is an electropneumatic uniblock for rinsing, filling, corking and capping for still and sparkling wines model 48/64/9/8 (48 rinsing nozzles, 64 filling valves, 9 heads for bottle closing with still wine natural corks and 8 heads for bottle closing with screw caps). This filling block is able to achieve the speed of 12.000 bph with still wine and 9.000 bph with sparkling wine, based on 750 ml bottles.

To meet at the best the requirements of a producer using a wide variety of wines and bottle formats, Bertolaso have supplied a uniblock provided with open stainless steel frame with inclined plane composed by an electro-pneumatically controlled rinser,  an electro-pneumatic pressure filler, a corker for still wine corks and a capper for screw caps; both corker and capper are equipped with the latest technological innovations concerning the corking/capping quality.

In addition, the flexibility of the filling block offers the possibility, by easy and quick adjustments via operator panel, to make the machine suitable to handle products with high CO2 content, so that the customer can  manage the widest production range  and handle  any type of wine: still, light sparkling and sparkling, with filling cycles specifically optimized to suit any type of filling product.