Cantina di Soave was entrusted to Bertolaso for enlarging and updating the production facility.

The new bottling lines designed and manufactured by Bertolaso are the core principle of the recent renewal.

The project was designed and finalized in collaboration  with Gruppo Bertolaso as technical partner in the development of two tailor-made bottling lines: one for still wines, the other one for sparkling wines; two very compact lines with an output of 14.000 bph that are the result of the technological innovation degree of the company located in Zimella (Vr).
As prime contractor Bertolaso has undertaken full responsibility for integrating all the machines and equipment involved upstream and downstream  of the filling phase: a kind of “one-piece” machinery with a computerized control that enables an automated operation up to the magazine.

Speed and safety, but above all an exact correspondence between the design and the final product, with a zero risk of errors.

“Both lines – says Filippo Pedron, technical manager of Cantina di Soave – have been working for almost one year by now : with the still wines we use a low vacuum filler, with the sparkling wines a pressure filler.
The complete production cycle can be managed by three operators per each line”.