The enriching exchange of knowledge with the Italian winery gave us the opportunity to install an extraordinary flexible line that alternates products fermented in autoclave with products bound to be fermented in the bottle.

The beginning of the collaboration between Cavit and Bertolaso dates back to the middle of last century.

In this long path the two companies have grown together, with a continuous exchange of technical-productive experiences, developing a mutual estimation.

Bertolaso has recently provided a new bottling line for sparkling wines, capable of ensuring production continuity even at a bottling temperature that can exceed 10 °C and capable of working in a flexible way a wide variety of formats ranging from 0.187 litre airplane bottles up to the big 3 liters bottles.

Cavit made another important request, i.e. alternating on the same line the bottling of products fermented in autoclave with ‘tirages’ of products bound to be fermented in the bottle.

This prerequisite requires the guarantee of a total machine sanitation to avoid any trace of yeast that may contaminate the following production. So, Cavit can totally change the product type easily and in full microbiological safety.

The supply, a counterpressure filler with automatic washing and sanitation systems, complete with 3 cappers, has been integrated with the microfiltration and washing plant.