“Spumanti Rizzotto” located in Soave, in the Veneto region, is a historical reality which has been involved in making sparkling wine for third parties for 70 years.

It was founded by the father Cirillo and expanded by Dr. Guido, who in the meantime became an oenologist at the Conegliano school and is today supported by his son Luca, who is also an oenologist.

Today Rizzotto Spumanti is a point of reference on the production of sparkling wine for wineries throughout Italy, chosen by producers who need to make frizzy and sparkling wines outside their wineries.


This is a widespread production trend, because not all producers have such big volumes to be able to afford their own bottling plant consisting of a monoblock for rinsing, isobaric filling and capping, wirehooding, capsuling, labeling and packaging.

Relying on a competent company as Spumanti Rizzotto is often the best choice, both for convenience and for reliability and quality.


Two years ago the company has moved to a different place and has further grown. Another qualitative leap that allowed the purchase of a brand new machine marked Bertolaso.


A further effort to improve, amply rewarded by the positive results obtained.

This is the latest model of monoblock including a rinser, a counter-pressure filler, a screw capper and a corker for corks for still and sparkling wines.

The wirehooder was integrated by Bertolaso ​​into the monoblock in order to allow the immediate application of the wirehood on the mushroom-shaped cork.

We have interesting growth margins, says Dr. Rizzotto, above all because we have purchased an oversized machine to be able to better face future challenges.


“We have been purchasing from Bertolaso for years. This last machine is very reliable and the remote assistance allows the maximum speed in intervention. Today a prompt reaction is crucial ”.

We are also satisfied with the sanitization, an essential aspect to ensure a perfect work. The machine is cleaned and sanitized automatically and perfectly with both “hot” and “cold” cycles.

“Thanks to the assistance and the quality of this machine, I feel at ease, I am certain of the high quality of my delicate work”, says Dr. Guido, who also manages with his daughter Laura the Balestri Valda bee-wine company in the Soave Classico area.

In this company a Bertolaso ​​monoblock is used for bottling still wines without oxygen pick-up.