In the Alta Langa, with a fully automated filling machine with 100 filling valves Bertolaso has successfully overcome a difficult challenge in the “land of sparkling wine”.

“Bertolaso is a company that ensures high performances in the sparkling wine filling, a process that is far from being simple and quite different from the still wine filling . Moreover, the company is able to continuously propose new developments on machines that combine efficiently mechanics and electronics”.

So Gianfranco Santero, President of the historical Santero winery located in Santo Stefano Belbo near Cuneo, explains the reasons why a historical winery like his – regarded today as one of the leading wineries in the wine market with 20 million bottles per year – has chosen Bertolaso as supplier of his technological machinery.

Today the leading product of the winery is the extra dry 958 Santero sparkling wine which has become, with its different types, one of the most fashionable sparkling wines of the moment.

Gruppo Bertolaso is able to satisfy his customers’ needs with innovative flexible solutions which result from the continuous close collaboration between designers and manufacturers of bottling plants and the final users.

“In our winery – President Santero says – the new Bertolaso machines are tested on their field. The Asti area is the homeland of the sparkling wine and overcoming here the sparkling wine filling test means overcoming a significant challenging test”.

The latest Bertolaso machine installed in the winery few months ago is “a fully automated filling machine for sparkling wine with 100 filling valves”, the President explains.

Today Santero is a state-of-the-art winery which combines tradition and innovation , and focuses on paying constant attention and care on the production chain, from the grape harvest to the filling process.

All of this in a winery where ancient wine-making processes and advanced technologies combine resulting in products which look in a modern manner but retain an ancient heart.