Juices and Drinks

Bertolaso offers different types of machines for filling juices (hot filling) and drinks (ready to drink).

Regarding fruit juice filling, Gruppo Bertolaso has developed specific solutions, such as gravity and/or low vacuum machines with product recycle systems to satisfy all the production requirements of this industry. The Bertolaso fillers can handle clear juices containing pulps and fibers of small size.
Both glass and PET bottles can be handled.
The fillers are also provided with specific solutions for a quick cleaning of the bowl and the filling valves.

Regarding drinks filling, there are several solutions such as low vacuum or isobaric machines in case of carbonated products, soft drink, ready to drink, etc.


Our machines for juices and drinks



Rinsers with fixed or mobile nozzle
for rinsing the empty bottle (with one, two or more treatments) and with possibility of treatments with glass bottle pre-heating to avoid breakages due to the thermal shock.



Gravity and/or low vacuum fillers

and with product recycle systems.


Isobaric fillers for products containing CO2
with mechanical and electro-pneumatic solutions also for product hot filling.



Screw cappers
with solutions suitable for any type of screw cap, with innovations that further help the producer to preserve product quality.

Complete bottling lines


Complete bottling lines
“Turnkey” projects to manage the entire production cycle. Our advice at its best: entrust Bertolaso with the development of the process in the plant, to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Special projects

Intelligent and dedicated solutions
for every valued product.

Not only food liquids. Contact our sales department for a feasibility analysis.
After specific tests, our laboratory staff will provide instructions for the best filling cycle.