Bertolaso offers specific solutions aiming at keeping the quality of spirits unchanged. Our dedicated fillers are recognized on the market as the best fillers for aroma conservation and minimal alcohol grade reduction.

Generally, the typical needs of this industry are:

  • no alcohol grade loss,
  • high production performances,
  • best product handling during the bottling process,
  • highest flexibility in handling a high number of bottle and cap formats,
  • handling of special shape containers.

Our Group meets these and other needs of the producers and offers experience and knowledge in identifying the optimal solution for every project.


Our machines for spirits



Rinsers with fixed or mobile nozzle
for rinsing the empty bottle with one, two or more treatments.

Rinser with recycle system
of the hydro-alcoholic product, for rinsing the bottle without residual liquids that might alter the organoleptic properties of the product.



Special gravity and/or low vacuum fillers
The low vacuum effect is concentrated in a very limited area, to minimize extraction of aroma and alcohol grade reduction.



Screw cappers
with solutions suitable for any type of screw cap, with innovations that further help the producer to keep the quality of the product.


Press-on cappers
used to apply both standard Guala type caps and T-corks.



Capsulers for PVC (heat-shrinkable) capsules.

Capsulers for polylaminate capsules
to be applied by spinning heads.

Capsulers for sparkling wine capsules
with possibility to orientate the capsules.



Inspection of containers
Check of all the production phases: empty containers, filling level, closure, application of capsules and labels. A further special machine allows for detection of industrial or natural contaminats.

Complete bottling lines


Complete bottling lines
“Turnkey” projects to manage the entire production cycle. Our advice at its best: entrust Bertolaso with the development of the process in the plant, to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Special projects

Intelligent and dedicated solutions
for every valued product.

Not only food liquids. Contact our sales department for a feasibility analysis.
After specific tests, our laboratory staff will provide instructions for the best filling cycle.