To ensure the products highest quality , we must be able to verify all phases of the production cycle: from inspection of empty containers and filling level to inspection of cap presence and quality closure, proper application of capsules and labels. In addition to this inspections, Bertolaso proposes a further machine capable of checking the filled product quality to exclude the presence of contaminants of different types: industrial (fragments of paper, glass or corks) and natural (insects).




Inspection of filled bottles


The new Inspecta™ machine from Gruppo Bertolaso performs accurate quality inspection on filled and capped glass bottles. The system operates on both lite and dark color bottles filled with either white or red wine detecting bottle faults, particles, glass fragments and insects presence.

Based on high-speed vision technology, the machine structure relies on a rotating carrousel with single spinning bottles. Dedicated high performance cameras with multiple lighting systems inspect each spinning container. The embedded vision software performance and accuracy combined with the specifically designed hardware configuration allow for flawless bottle faults, foreign particles, transparent glass fragments and insects identification in a single compact machine.

The inspection analysis is completed by final verification of cap positioning, glass/product color and overall bottle defect presence.

The machine is designed for perfect downstream integration in standard Bertolaso filling lines providing customers with high quality and fault free production.