The rinsing systems developed by Bertolaso consist in machines manufactured according to the most advanced technologies capturing the user’s interest for their production flexibility and quality.

Specifically, the rinsing systems are of two macrotypes: with fixed nozzles and with nozzles penetrating inside the bottle neck.

The rinsing systems include rotary rinsers with production capacity from 2,000 to 60,000 bottles per hour (bph).




Fixed nozzle

The rinsing occurs by a single treatment:

with liquid, with gas, or by a double treatment with liquid.

Mobile nozzle

With the mobile nozzle the rinsing occurs with two or three treatments: with liquid and with gas.

An example of triple treatment is: injection of a sanitizing solution at first, then injection of filtered water and lastly blowing with filtered and oil-free air or with inert gas.