Our complete range

Flexible in technology,
inflexible in high performances.

Our modular solutions provide high production results, maintaining great accuracy, simple operation, and reliability over time.


With fixed or moving nozzles, our bottle sterilizing machines assure the widest range in the number and type of treatments.
The gripping systems guarantee sturdiness and quick format changeovers, without compromising cleaning accuracy.


Our high-capacity solutions for wines are worldwide known for their innovation and quality.
The same expertise in the automatic filling level control is extended to all other sectors. An objective: never altering the properties of the liquids.


Bertolaso offers specialized technologies for all materials: cork, screw caps, press-on or crown caps.
Our range includes systems that can be easily setup to comply with different production speeds, liquids and closing methods.


The machines offer different speeds and techniques, with magazine that can always be re-loaded and the possibility to integrate brushes and air blades for drying.
We supply turrets for polylaminate, PVC or sparkling capsules.


Based on high-speed vision technologies, our inspectors control the quality of the liquids and the integrity of closures and bottles – empty, filled, of clear or dark colour. They can be fully integrated into the lines.

Integrated machines

Designed to meet
the needs of bottlers

Discover the advantages of our plants:
systems customized with more machines according to the quality of the products and the requirements of the producers.

Our solutions arrow_forward


Complete bottling lines

“Turnkey” projects
To control the whole production process

Our “consulting” service at his best: rely on Bertolaso for the process development in the facility, to reduce costs and increase efficiency.