Bertolaso, a group with more than 140 years of experience, offers to small and large producers design, manufacture and installation of most advanced tailor-made solutions as expression of its expertise and service to make more efficient the bottling with still and sparkling  wines, spirits, beer and fruit juices.

Every producer aims to work with efficient and fast bottling lines always under control. Thanks to a widespread technical network, service and assistance are the core of the company’s systems which provide constant support, even remotely, from project consultancy to periodic maintenance.

Bertolaso’s most recent patent raises the plant management to a higher level. The innovative solutions developed by the R&D team change the winery into a full digital, totally integrated place of production according to the principles of 4.0 industry. A change of prospect to move forward to a full automated process and the relevant advantages: optimal control of times and data and therefore certain quality down to the single bottle.

The complete digital transition, with components which communicate each other and with the central program, takes the production to the highest level of traceability. Each process is under control: the generated data make a positive loop in terms of times and costs, for a continuos improvement both in production and maintenance.

In this way Bertolaso enhances efficiency and safety and also the environmental sustainability of the processes. In fact, a more efficient process management results in energy savings and optimization of all the resources used – such as cleaning products – with consequent reduction in drainings.

Bottling becomes even smarter. The winery opens to the future.

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